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Artist Statement

As a teaching artist I strive to create a welcoming community where students can experiment and explore in a welcoming all inclusive environment. I focus on teaching students technical skills that enable them to make creations from their own imagination. 


I have worked in various media, acrylic paint, watercolor, collage, cement, over the years. For the last four years I have primarily worked with clay, and most often with porcelain as my preferred clay body. I find the material, the potters wheel, the entire process from start to finish incredibly fascinating. I love the slow pace of working with clay and the inherent amount of uncertainty there is when you work with mud and fire. Sometimes you just have to let go and see where the project takes you. In addition to technical skills, taking your time and not being afraid of failure are valuable skills that I try to teach my students. 

IllustrationRoseHips forweb.gif
IllustrationRoseHips full res reversed.g
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